Sunday, August 21, 2011


I've worn a couple in my life, but never this beautiful. I hung around a Hare Krishna temple a lot when I was younger & everything about them was fascinating to me. I had a few friends there & I would go to events with them & get to dress the part. They would lend me beautiful sarees & jewelry & cook for me... Such good times. We went to Rathiyatra, a Chariot festival every year through the streets of nyc - I remember nostalgically just being a youngster & taking it all in with the best feeling.

They are such a nice way to dress, all the styles of Indian women's clothing really . .. . . it's just beautiful. Women in America go around in sweatpants. Imagine the men you could keep if you always looked like this.
pretty in pink
Alluring Black Saree with Blouse

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