Friday, October 29, 2010

KittyCat Lipstick cuties

If you keep up with cat-related news, then you already know that the cat world's purring with delight over Paul and Joe Beaute's limited-edition Fall 2010 collection which features — quite prominently, it should be noted — three brand-new lipsticks. Now that wouldn't be so freak-out-worthy if it weren't for the fact that the lipsticks themselves have been fashioned into the shape of cat faces.
cat engraved lipstickpaul and joe cat lipsticks

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween jewels

October=Halloween! Dressing in all kinds of wonderfully whimsical accessories is almost as good as candy.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Access Agency

"ACCESS is a global creative agency commited to designing extraordinary creative experiences that inspire consumers through compelling communications.Pretty Awesome!
Go check out McFancy - use the scroll bar to glide to the right to see everything. "McFancy, an upmarket temporary McDonald’s store that launches at Fashion Weeks around the globe — London, New York, Paris, Milan, Sydney, Hong Kong. McFancy is part art installation, gathering spot and, of course, a restaurant that offers a traditional McDonald’s menu but packaged in a way that makes a playful yet stylish nod to the lifestyle of the highly desirable, influential consumers that attend Fashion Weeks."

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Strand Arcade, Australia

Honesty, anyone who checks this blog must be like, WTF, you never say anything. Its true, I just cant find to blog about relevant things, although I feel I have tons to share on every topic related to website design, search engine optimization, graphics... I am constantly learning new things & hardly would know where to start. So for now babies, until I work that out, I just love to share cool stuff with you. But I realize what is the point of a blog like this so I will do better, soon. For now - this is awesome I LOVE THIS site, I am obsessed.

Their photography is really exciting. I couldnt love it more. Go see them on Facebook.

Spring Summer 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010

An incredible design site

bathroom color silver goldbathroom color themesbathroom color green

Anton Tang
26-year-old Anton Tang graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic with a Diploma in Multimedia and Infocom Technology, and made his way to LASALLE to study Design Communication. Anton is a also self-taught photographer with a fascination for landscapes, Bmx bicycles and toys.