Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A lesson in Haute Couture

The Secret World of Haute Couture

This is part one of a 6 part series describing the inner world of exquisite clothing design and the people fortunate enough to own the work in their personal collections.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Bloom Lounge Chair

I saw this chair months ago, tore out a page in a magazine about it & have  meant top mention it since then but finally, I saw it in a furniture showroom Kourtney Kardashian was shopping in, and so here, I'm telling you a little about this gorgeous creation from Kenneth Coponpue. It's only $2300 : /  

"Inspired by the graceful blossom of a flower, this lounge chair is sculpted by hundreds of fine running stitches radiating from the center of the seat creating a subtle textural feel." unicahome.com

for the love of Louboutin

This nude peep toe with red sole could really make your life complete dont you think?

This shoe below, my best friend Brenda got this like, identical shoe knock off of this for something like $20. She's got a good eye shoes man, she really does

These beauties below belong to Dita Von Tesse "Far from basic black, these shoes Mr. Louboutin made for me rate high on The Scale of Extravagance."

These $6,295 heels were so exclusive that only 36 pairs were made. Dita opted for the pretty pink ones, but they also came in yellow - shown below, and blue.


Christian Louboutin has revealed that burlesque superstar Dita Von Teese is the inspiration behind his shoe empire. He explained: "Dita is the ultimate showgirl and top of my list of muses. When she was 11, she dreamt of living a glamorous life and now she lives the dream."
Von Teese has always had a special relationship with Louboutin's shoes. Earlier in the year she debuted his opulent Marie Antoinnette heels on the red carpet, and she was oncepapped showing off the underside of a very badly scuffed pair of red Louboutin soles, prompting some rather bitchy remarks on her attitude to shoe care. Personally, I think that's just evidence of a very much loved and well worn pair of shoes!

And what sparked all this for me was I caught a glimpse of these Louboutin's that Christina Aguilera wore in the movie Burlesque and they were AMAZing. Amazing. 

Just some other exciting beauties:

omg so beautiful, I could die. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Marchesa Bags