Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Faux Snakeskin Dressing Table & Chair

Hey babes, I have been slacking on the blogging. I've been so sick with bronchitis, it's like the never ending plague! I sound dramatic but I'm not kidding, I've been coughing my brains out for like 3 weeks. its depressing to be sick! Enough about me. Check out this gorgeousness. Graham and Green has SWEET stuff. A little out of my price range but what isnt?

Faux Snakeskin Dressing Table & Chair

Also I am going to share something from "This is Glamorous" that my beautiful client Cherrene of http://www.threelittlefairies.co.uk/ shared on her fb page this morning that somehow I missed last week in the midst of being sick and not doing my daily surfing for treasures. Talk about DREAMY.


This is Glam - the best blog in the world IMO

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