Saturday, September 5, 2009


“My Favorite Legume”

Ever since first hearing the Black Eyed Peas I’ve been completely sucked into their musical stylings and entrancing beats. The BEPs never cease to amaze me and their latest musical gift to all of humanity, The E.N.D., is nothing short of spectacular. The E.N.D., meaning “The Energy Never Dies,” reflects the BEPs openly embracing what seems to be an almost quantum mechanistic view of the world based on the principle in physics that energy never ceases to exist. Aside from the extreme talent that the members of the BEPs possess, they seem to also be readily embracing what is sure to be the future of music distribution as we know it. Because of the digital age we are in, we may be seeing some of the last hard copies of albums on the shelves in the marketplace. Chances are most of the music purchased in the near future will be downloaded electronically; the BEPs have not only embraced this, they’ve reportedly been planning for it. This would also make it possible for the albums, once downloaded, to be added to from whatever artist the consumer had purchased the music from. In essence, the album would be a living, breathing artistic collection of music and multimedia that could continue to grow as long as the artist continued adding to it. In an age when getting more for your money and “added-value” is on everyone’s minds, who wouldn’t love that?! Unlike some who see change coming and get pulled in kicking and screaming, the Black Eyed Peas realize that the new digital age we are living in holds vast opportunities which they intend on taking full advantage of. That’s what makes them my favorite legume!


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