Thursday, August 27, 2009

LofD: What was the most challenging aspect to launching your own product?
Ambrea creator of CHIEKI: “Overcoming the fear of the unknown; While I knew in my heart that I could do it, Its still a very powerful debilitation. The day I let go of that fear was both liberating and productive; I celebrated by submitting my patent application and my husband, Tim, took me out to a wonderful steak dinner!”

LofD: What was the first step you took while developing your product?
Ambrea creator of CHIEKI: “Because my company focuses on providing a product that fills a need, I looked for what was missing in the foundation industry. It’s a challenge looking for something that isn’t there, but very rewarding when you find it!”

LofD: Your Chieki tubes are pretty and functional, what did you look at that may have inspired you while creating your design?
Ambrea creator of CHIEKI: The female figure is absolutely beautiful by nature, so I take in allot of nature while I design; Beauty is all around us, yet subtle; and more often than not, less is simply best.”

LofD: Did you have any fears about starting your own business and if so, can you share how you overcame those fears?
Ambrea creator of CHIEKI: “Oh, absolutely! The best way I overcame the fear of starting my own business was by making myself more informed. Ignorance is very scary, so I try to learn whatever I can from people and sources whom I trust.”

LofD: Did you experience anything unexpected along your journey to launch the Chieki tube?
Ambrea creator of CHIEKI: “The support of my in-laws! Actually, I’m blessed because my entire family has been very excited for me. It always seems when I need it most, I’ll get a phone call or text with some encouraging words.”

LofD: What is the most exciting thing about running an online business?
Ambrea creator of CHIEKI: “ Being able to share my Trimwear Couture with people all around the world! It’s wonderful to know that women everywhere can enjoy my products.”

LofD: Where did the name Chieki come from?
Ambrea creator of CHIEKI: “It’s such a fun word! I wanted a name brand that would reflect my company: Innovative, fun and feminine; So, I simply started scrambling letters. When I came to the creation of ‘Chieki’ it evoked all the feelings I had inside and I fell in love with it.”

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