Tuesday, August 4, 2009

No Thanks, Mr. Announcer Man.

A recent trend I’ve noticed in the voice-over industry is the lack of need for the announcer-style voice. It seems that right now, particularly in advertising, a much more conversational voice is being sought after. Unless it’s the hard-sell vehicle pitch, most advertisers are realizing that consumers prefer to be sold to by an old friend, so to speak-someone who’s been there and can advise them about what they should do, not preach to them in a type of Zeus-like voice. This is where some real acting comes into play. In order to feel the part I’m playing in a voice-over roll (and to avoid going into my announcer-style voice) it’s not uncommon for me to really start physically acting out the character I’m playing behind the microphone, even just in the slightest way. Yes, it sounds a bit silly and trust me, it can be! But who cares? Isn’t having fun with this one of the best parts of the job anyway? So yes, I’m often found making really strange faces to go along with what I’m saying or how I’m saying it because let’s face it-this really is acting without the camera (which can require even more skills to convey your message and affect your audience without the visual aid-but that’s for another blog!) In summary, unless directed to bring out the commanding announcer in you, leave it on the back burner for now. Until next time…


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