Saturday, August 1, 2009

“Hey, That’s My Organ!”

Who the heck am I and why am I writing as a sound specialist on this splendiferous “Ladies of Design” site, you ask? Well, that’s an excellent question. Here’s my best at answering it for you: The Ladies of Design certainly aren’t only concerned with the visual look and feel of any given work of art-no, no, no! These chics are design mavens inside and out, meaning they savor design through and through in all forms: sight, smell, taste, touch and sound. And this is where I enter the picture. Ever since my earliest memories, sound was the sense that moved me the most. I remember my grandmother giving me a small organ to play when I was about five years old. That organ was my pride and joy; I loved that thing! I didn’t know how to play it properly, but I played it like crazy nonetheless. At one point I remember a family member my age rudely attempting to take it away from me so they could have it at their house for their own evil doing and they somehow got one of my aunts or uncles involved and coerced into thinking this was a good idea, too. Were they crazy? Were pigs flying? Let me tell you now that I was having none of this. I ran around the house screaming at the top of my lungs as they tried locating the plug so they could disconnect it & move it out to their car, “Hey, that’s my organ! That’s my organ!” Thank goodness for mothers who recognize a child in need. My mom thankfully stepped in, saving my organ from certain doom and future neglect. Hence, my love affair with music and all things sound related continued. I’ve studied many different instruments (the recorder, clarinet and tympani drums to name a few-hey, don’t laugh about the recorder! It’s a serious instrument, you guys!) but I do believe my absolute favorite instrument is the one I carry with me each day, everywhere I go: my voice. Sound fascinates me and I adore the way it feels (quite literally.) Sure, I’ve had some professional vocal and voice-over training and all that, but the best thing my gurus have taught me was to teach myself and learn from everything around me. The world and everything in it is constantly giving us information in all kinds of amazing forms; it is us who decide whether to be open enough to perceive it and learn from it or not. With that, I thank you for taking precious time to read my blog today and I invite you to read my future blogs should the beauty of sound be something that twinkles your fancy as it has mine for so many years.
photo: Adam Gallagher

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